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Our service is crafted to offer schools, short stay schools and pupil referral units an alternative solution to accessing broadband. It will not necessarily replicate or better your current service in all aspects. However, one thing we can guarantee is greater flexibility and more control for the customer. The service will offer facilities that you actually need and use, rather than a package which includes a range of functions you don’t actually want.

Being realistic, we are not making promises to increase your internet speed significantly as this is affected by a range of issues that are out of our hands, such as the services available in your area and the distance your line travels from the exchange. We will look at how your broadband service is set up and ensure we get the maximum from it.
For a start, we won’t place any restrictions (or ‘throttling’) on the bandwidth, and the way in which we deliver content filtering will be designed to limit the impact on internet speeds whilst retaining safety.

These are the headlines you will want to be aware of:

  • You will have a new line installed and will be a direct customer of the line provider
  • JC Comtech will provide your filtering and technical support and management
  • Other services included are mobile device management & segregated guest wireless network for non-school staff access* (compatible access points required – available from JC Comtech)
  • Minimum 3 year contract, with set-up costs included in the first year.
  • More information can be provided by contacting the office directly or speaking to your support engineer.
  • Option for additional services e.g. 
    • online backup
    • remote access
    • website hosting
    • secure file transfer
    • virtualised services
    Although primarily our broadband is for education, we may be able adapt the service to other situations. Please contact us with your requirements.

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United Kingdom

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