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We have been providing an on-site ICT Maintenance and Support service to primary schools for over 10 years and have increased the number of contracts year on year. We now support over 70 Primary Schools in Norfolk and Suffolk of varying sizes, and have contracts with Suffolk Pupil Referral Units.

We don’t just come in, fix your printing etc problems and leave. Our aim is to become part of the school team, working with you to ensure your ICT is working effectively, but also supporting you in using ICT to deliver the curriculum. We keep abreast of developments in technology in education and can advise you on the suitability of new equipment, cutting through the jargon and the sales talk, and check compatibility with your existing ICT set-up.  
We work hard to maintain your school network and always ensure the safety, security and integrity of the system. 

The development work we have carried out includes:

- upgrading operating system to Server 2012 and Windows 8.1/Windows 10, whilst maintaining a look and feel that is familiar to staff and students
- installing improved wireless connectivity to create opportunities for using mobile devices and improve connection speeds
- installing iPads and other tablets for teacher and student use, linking them to interactive whiteboards and the server for storing and printing
- training staff on a variety of subjects including tablets, using cloud-based Google Apps for greater sharing and access to information, and blogging.
- moving schools onto the cloud to take advantage of modern methods of working flexibly.

But, at the end of the day, we know that the day to day priority is having working ICT and our Support Contract is tailored to meet your needs, allowing for variation in number of visits, visit length, and providing telephone, email & remote support. You will have visits on the same day/time, and by the same engineer, allowing you to get to know your engineer and establish a good working relationship.

Our services in schools:
- x visit(s) per fortnight/week of [no.] hours
- repair, fault diagnosis and maintenance of all curriculum and administrative hardware, software and peripherals.
- maintenance and administration of servers.
- maintenance and administration of communications cabinets (including switches, hubs and cabling).
- hardware and software installations.
- technical development.
- software patching.
- antivirus updating and maintenance.
- recommendations for new hardware/software purchases.
- quotes and purchase of new equipment.
- telephone & email support where appropriate
- flexible hours, allowing for the banking of unused hours for use for a call-out or major equipment installation
- email management
- broadband - install and management services to include filtering and firewalls - see here for more info

In addition, we can provide a remote access service allowing us to diagnose & fix problems and carry out routine tasks without needing to be on-site, and a website design and support service.

So, if you are looking for a change in approach to your ICT support please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Ad Hoc Work in Schools
Equipment Installations

If you are not looking to take out a support contract, we can provide services on an as required basis, particularly in relation to installing wireless access points, network points, and iPads/tablets. We would work alongside your current ICT support provider to bring our expertise into your school.

We can provide a range of training sessions for staff during twilight sessions and inset days. Subjects include, but not limited to:

- using Google Apps
- blogging
- Microsoft Office Packages (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher and Access)
- iPads – usage in the curriculum and how to use the devices
- Office 365
- operating Systems (Windows 7, 8,10, IOS, OSX and computer usage)
- e-Safety for Pupils, Staff, Parents and Carers


Computer Maintenance
We offer services to keep your IT up and running. We can provide this on an annual contract, bespoke contract or ad-hoc and one-off service basis.

We meet with you to discuss your requirements and tailor a solution to fit your needs. We can maintain Windows PCs, Macs, Linux, Chrome, Android, IOS mobile devices and more.

- installations – hardware, software and peripherals
- upgrades – hardware and software
- fault diagnosis and problem solving
- computer and laptop repair
- virus and spyware removal
- network Services

We can install complete networks from concept to completion designing systems to meet your current and future needs whilst understanding and working within your budget. We also maintain existing networks and look to ensure they are working at full potential.

- wireless network installations and surveys – wireless kit to suit budget and requirement from standalone to enterprise grade solutions
- switch installation and configuration
- network cabling
- comms cab installation and configuration
 -server management and installation
- client computer installation and configuration
- connecting Apple systems to Microsoft systems
- centralised device management
- telecomms over networks

We offer a procurement service to source all forms of computer hardware, software and peripherals. For example, we can supply and install:

- apple iPads
- apple Mac Mini
- laptops
- desktops
- printers – including new 3D printers
- servers
- network comms equipment
- projectors
- whiteboards
- microsoft open value subscription software
- telecomms
and much more!

Web Design
We offer a full web design, hosting and servicing solution to suit your needs. From complete interactive content management systems, static brochure type sites and e-commerce offerings, we can create whatever you need. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Other Services
We offer a range of other services including:

- database services – design and maintenance
- photographic services – image creation, manipulation, restoration and printing
- online/offsite backup solutions – dedicated secure backup solutions to suit your budgets


Our business began by helping people with their computers in their own homes, whether this was fixing problems or providing some training and guidance.

We do not need to advertise this service but have continued to attract new customers through word of mouth recommendations. Many of our customers have stayed with us for several years and we are always grateful for their continued support and custom.
Many of our customers would arguably fall within the ‘silver surfers’ bracket – retired people using computers for leisure and domestic purposes, perhaps for the first time, or upgrading to an iPad or other tablet. We have developed quite a rapport with these customers, because we tailor our service to their level of understanding and need. We do not use jargon, technical language or suggest products beyond their requirements.


- diagnose and fix faults
- install new and upgraded software and operating systems
- install security and virus protection packages
- advice on suitable equipment and software
- quote, purchase, deliver and install new equipment
- basic training on installation of new equipment
- further training on email, internet, security, and software such as word processing or spreadsheets

Our Home User customers are looked after by James and visits can be arranged during the day or in the early evening. James looks after some of our school contracts too, and our customers under the Suffolk County Council contract (we like to keep him busy) but we can generally arrange a visit within a few days.

Our charges are £40 per hour incl. VAT. We don’t charge a call-out fee, although our minimum fee is £20 to ensure we cover our expenses.

You can contact us on 01508 488119 to discuss your requirements and make an appointment.

Website design and hosting

Having a presence on the web doesn't have to cost the earth.

Our designers will meet with you to discuss your requirements and help get you onto the web, easily and cost effectively. Using the latest, robust hosting technology and web design, we translate your ideas into reality.

We host using large scalable cloud platforms serving Wordpress, Joomla, static html websites - all responsive to meet today's mobile world. We can offer domain name purchasing, hosting and email provision. We always fully optimise your site to load as fast as it can (our standard service is through shared hosting, suitable for majority of customer websites, but VPS and customised hosting for power users, is available at additional costs)

Sample packages available:

- simple starter sites
- unlimited space hosting
- database backed websites
- full DNS management
- web shops
- Virtual Private Servers

For schools, we construct websites to meet the Department of Education's / OFSTED requirements to ensure you have what you need on your site.

For business sites we design to help promote your brand, product or services. From a simple brochure style website to a full e-commerce offering, we can help.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Special Offer!
If you want to do your own hosting and website and not use our expertise, we can even help smooth out the costs by offering you a 10% discount if you join our hosts. Use this code - JCCWEBSAVE  to save at this link

Email management

We now offer email management to our education customers. Using cloud technologies and our experience in the education sector, we can support your email service for you.

We can migrate your existing accounts to the new system, set up new accounts, provision optional add ons, flexibly configure services to meet your needs.
In almost all cases, this service is free if you are already contracted to us to provide technical support.

For business customers, we can manage your email service - cost based per user.

For further information or to ask us to manage your email service, please do not hesitate to contact us


We offer a wide range of training in software, hardware and peripherals.

We provide training in commonly used software to help you get up to speed or to simply take a refresher.

We can provide dedicated computers for up to 10 delegates, a USB pen drive to keep after the session with learning materials and examples, pen and pad to take notes and refreshments during the course. We try to hold the courses in well appointed rooms near to your school to provide a getaway or if that's not convenient - in your school.

Some of our courses available

- Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher and Access
- Google Apps
- iPad, IOS and OSX
- databases
- Office 365
- Apple TVs
- using Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
- using the Internet and email effectively
- GDPR awareness raising

Please contact us with your requirements.


Whether you are looking to purchase a simple mouse or a whole suite of Apple computers, JC Computer Technologies can provide procurement services to fulfil your needs. We also provide an install service to fit the new equipment.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will be more than happy to quote for your ICT.

Some of the many items we can source:

- iPads
- laptops
- desktops
- Apple Mac
- peripherals
- consumables
- large and small display screens
- interactive touch display screens
- servers
- network comms
- network wiring
- telecomms

There isn't much we cannot source for you, so please give us a call!


Our service is crafted to offer schools, short stay schools and pupil referral units, an alternative solution to accessing broadband. It will not necessarily replicate or better your current service in all aspects. However, one thing we can guarantee is greater flexibility and more control for the customer. The service will offer facilities that you actually need and use, rather than a package which includes a range of functions you don’t actually want.
Being realistic, we are not making promises to increase your internet speed significantly as this is affected by a range of issues that are out of our hands, such as the services available in your area and the distance your line travels from the exchange. We will look at how your broadband service is set up and ensure we get the maximum from it.
For a start, we won’t place any restrictions (or ‘throttling’) on the bandwidth, and the way in which we deliver content filtering will be designed to limit the impact on internet speeds whilst retaining safety.

These are the headlines you will want to be aware of:

- you will have a new line installed and will be a direct customer of the line provider
- JC Comtech will provide your filtering and technical support and management
- minimum 3 year contract, with set-up costs included in the first year.

More information can be provided by contacting the office directly or speaking to your support engineer. 

Other services included are:
- mobile device management
- segregated guest wireless network for non-school staff access* (compatible access points required – available from JC Comtech)

Option for additional services e.g.
- online backup
- remote access
- website hosting
- secure file transfer
- virtualised services

Although primarily our broadband is for education, we may be able adapt the service to other situations. Please contact us with your requirements.

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